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Due to the scale of the image some illustrations may not present enough detail for the user to identify parts or assembly operations.


How to depict small assembly operations on a large item.


It is preferable the entire object is depicted to aid navigation (See Everything), however some assembly operations and parts may be too small for sufficient detail to be included for correct part and action interpretation.


A ‘call-out’ may be added, that shows an enlarged view of a selected area so details are discernable. The enlarged view should not present a point-of-view different from the overall view. The call out indicates where the enlarged view is located on the object.

Note: This is an abstract and learnt convention, requiring the designer to be careful in cross cultural or low literacy contexts.


Drawn from practice and inspection of existing artifacts.

Related Patterns:

Child To

Discernable Detail

The need for discernable detail may require enlargements of some areas so parts can be identified.

See Everything

The need for the entire object to be depicted to provide contextual information may result in smaller details being difficult to depict and discern.


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IKEA - Hemnes Side Table

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