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Illustration and Point of View


The user needs to understand where the assembly operation is with respect to the entire assembly.


How to provide information to locate assembly operations on the object.


  • During an assembly some tasks may involve operations on only small areas of the product.
  • It is possible to only depict the area where the assembly occurs resulting in constant changing of the point-of-view (See ‘Stable Point of view’).
  • Images that lack contextual information make it difficult to locate where on the assembly the operation is occurring.


The entire object must be depicted to provide the user with a context to the location of assembly operations even if the size of the action is small in comparison to the overall object.


Szlichcinski, (1984) 

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Zoom In

Showing everything may make smaller details hard to discern requiring some areas to be enlarged.


Stable Point of View

The entire object should be predicted to provide contextual information, this can impact on the chosen point-of-view.


Discernable Details

Showing everything may make smaller details hard to discern.


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