Pattern List

The following is a list of all of the patterns that make up the PAI pattern language. Follow the links for the complete pattern descriptions.

Instruction Format:

How to describe the actions required to correctly assemble a product.

Viewing Angle:

What is best the manner for depicting three dimensional objects in two dimensional media so users can interpret the image as it relates to the physical world?

Style of Depiction:

What style of pictorial depiction is most easily understood?

Discernible Details:

How to depict objects so users can correctly identify them and their orientation.

Size Matters:

How to depict parts so that small dimensional differences between similar parts can be identified.

Absence of Detail (Is Not Information):

How to show a low detail side of a part and ensure it is not confused with a similar object/side with more detail.

Realistic Arrangements:

How to ensure users can easily compare their assembly against the assembly depicted in the PIAs.

Step Content:

How much and what type of information should be included in each step of the instructions?

Action / State:

How to describe what to do for each step in the assembly sequence and provide information that the task has been completed properly.


How to present the images so the user understands the sequence the images are to be interpreted.

Do This, Not This:

How to warn users there is an incorrect way to carry out an assembly task that is to be avoided.

Stable Point of View:

How to provide the user with feedback on the state of the assembly.

Zoom In:

How to depict small assembly operations on a large item.

See Everything:

How to provide information to locate assembly operations on the object.


How to describe visually the amount of tightening required for fixings.

Action Type:

How to describe the action required for an assembly task.

Do This OR This:

How to present multiple assembly so users can identify there are alternate assembly configurations and locate the relevant instructions within the document.

Link to larger version of the PAttern Language Map

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