Instruction Format




The user needs to assemble a product and requires easy to follow instructions describing the assembly process.


How to describe the actions required to correctly assemble a product.


  • To reduce shipping and assembly costs bulky products are sold as flat packs requiring consumers to carry out assembly tasks.
  • Many users do assembly tasks infrequently and have limited experience in construction activities.
  • The instructions need to be provided at minimal cost.
  • Products are often sold in many countries with different languages making text translation expensive.


The assembly task should be described with a sequence of images depicting a series of small steps to achieve the over-all assembly task.


Agrawala et al., (2003)

Novick & Morse, (2000)

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Related Patterns:

This is a parent pattern to all others as this pattern defines the overall strategy of using sequences of images to explain the assembly tasks.

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